ESV Bible Web Service

Upgrade Guide from Version 1 API

Your old key will work on the new server, but you now get 5,000 requests per day instead of 500.

The default audio-format is flash instead of real.

SOAP support has been removed.

URLs have changed slightly:

Previous URL New URL ?action=doPassageQuery ?action=doQuery ?action=doReadingPlanQuery ?action=getQueryInfo ?action=getReadingPlanInfo ?action=getVerse ?action=getDailyVerse

In other words, the action parameter no longer exists; its former value is now part of the request path. In addition, the former action values no longer include verbs.

All other parameters are the same. Here are some examples of old and new queries:

Previous URL New URL ?action=doPassageQuery&key=TEST &passage=jn+1&include-headings=false ?key=TEST&passage=jn+1&include-headings=false ?action=doQuery&key=TEST&q=love ?key=TEST&q=love ?action=doReadingPlanQuery&key=TEST &reading-plan=bcp ?key=TEST&reading-plan=bcp ?action=getQueryInfo&key=TEST &q=Matthew ?key=TEST&q=Matthew

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